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Top 5 Truck Accident Statistics You Should Know

Although significant truck accidents are less common than typical car crashes, they result in more fatal accidents. Because truck accidents involve massive vehicles that weigh tens of thousands of pounds and contain toxic chemicals, colliding with a semi-truck or 18-wheeler poses significant dangers to automobile drivers and their passengers. Let’s take a look at five statistics on truck accidents that everyone should be aware of.

The Majority Of Truck-Related Accidents Happen In A Clear Weather is clear.

What role does the weather play in truck accidents? Although it may appear that heavy precipitation, such as rain and snow, is to blame for a high number of truck incidents. Data reveals that more than 66 percent of these collisions happen in exceptional circumstances. Cloudy weather conditions cause nearly 15% of truck-related crashes.

Truck Accidents Are More Likely to Kill Car Passengers in Cars.

The big truck driver is killed in fewer than 15% of truck accidents, whereas the occupants of the other vehicle are dead around 57% of the time. Passengers in other cars cause more than 16% of truck accident fatalities.

Distracted Driving And Speeding.

Nearly 17% of all truck crashes were caused by speeding, driving while using a smartphone, or other similar distraction, or failing to yield the right of way, with speeding being the most prevalent driver-related cause of truck collisions. They were driving when drunk, careless driving, failure to stay in the appropriate lane, failure to follow traffic signs, and failing to keep a safe distance are typical driver faults that led to truck accidents.

Two Vehicles Are Involved In 64% Of All Fatal Truck Accidents.

According to statistics, one-vehicle incidents account for approximately 20% of all fatal truck accidents. The remaining 64% involves two vehicles. Three cars are involved in more than a quarter of all collisions.

The Majority Of Truck Collisions Are Caused By Tractor/Semi-Trailers.

Semi-trailers are responsible for around 59 percent of truck accidents, with single-unit trucks with two axles accounting for almost 20% and single-unit trucks with three axles accounting for nearly 10%. These truck accident numbers imply that: Although truck accidents are prevalent, the great majority of them may be avoided by driving carefully and cautiously and according to federal regulations and safety standards. 

Truck accidents are almost always fatal. Victims are either badly hurt or killed, with considerable property damage. You may sustain permanent injuries or endure various types of losses if you survive such an event. Taking legal action with the Tiemann Law Firm is one of the most excellent strategies to reduce these damages.

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